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We provide tax management for individuals and companies in 70 countries. Whether you need business tax prep, expert tax advice, or accounting solutions, we have tax plans that can help.
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Tax advisory

1 hour tax consultation.
All counties.
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Tax advisory
$799 / month

Your virtual tax advisor 24/7.
All countries.
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Tax optimization
Optimize taxes by means of active tax planning for company and for beneficiaries. We help to lower your tax bill
Starting at $2,800
What you can expect from us:

  • Advise on the optimal choice of legal form for tax purposes
  • Development of tax - optimized group and holding structures at home and abroad
  • Tax - optimized support for restructurings and reorganizations
  • Questions relating to tax-optimized company financing
  • Identification of tax opportunities and risks in cross-boarder activities
  • Tax-optimized company and asset succession
  • Road-Map and Action Plan
  • Case presentation and Q&A

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What makes our Tax Management different?
We save you time and money
Businesses thrive when they employ professional partners from day one. Getting your taxes and books set up right for your business saves your valuable time—and, your hard-earned cash.
We're a one-stop shop
Reelo brings tax experts to the table. We cover your business' legal and compliance needs, too. Whether you want to make your business official, keep it running smoothly, or grow—we'll take care of you.
We're your business ally
Our experts are empowered to form true partnerships with businesses—and are excited to celebrate your success with you. Working with us is different—and we're ready to prove that to you.
Our fee for bookkeeping, payroll or tax filling
Free tax filing for subscribers. Subscription can be canceled at any time
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