North America

C-Corp Delaware


Information & documents required:

✅ Company name (3 options)
✅ Brief description of company’s business
✅ Information on your product: product, services, potential clients in a few sentences
✅ Contact person: full name, full residence address (including postal code), email, telephone number, LinkedIn profile
✅ Directors: full name, full residence address (including postal code), email, telephone number
✅ Company officers (full names): President, Treasury, Secretary
✅ Company website
✅ Number of authorized shares (max number of shares the company has, normally 10,000,000 or more)
✅ Par value of shares (normally $0.001 or less)
✅ Number of issued shares to each shareholder, pool (does not have to be 100% of the authorized shares)
✅ How is your company to be financed
✅ How are you planning to accept payments (payment gateways, wires, etc.)
✅ Do you certify that you do not and and do not plan to do any business, have clients, employees, partners, trainees (paid or not) from Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, Cuba?


  1. Information provided
  2. Company registration 1-3 working days
  3. EIN application 1 working day
  4. Registration & internal documents package provided 2 working days
  5. Bank account application (Mercury/Wise) 2 working days - 2 weeks - decision received directly, solely depends on the bank

General DE taxes:

Federal CIT - 21%
State CIT - 8.7%
State franchise tax - $175 - $200,000 depending on the method of calculation & activity
State sales tax - 0%