Global Talent Visa

Global Talent visa (which replaced the Exceptional Talent category) allows you to come to the UK and contribute to the economy by either starting up your own project or by working at an existing company. 

Visa is granted for the period of one to five years (the applicant gets to choose) and leads to settlement in 3-5 years time, subject to the applicant meeting the qualifying criteria. 
The first stage of your application is obtaining endorsement. A qualified organisation should recognise your skills and talent.

The endorsing bodies for Global Talent visa are:

✅ The Royal Society, for science and medicine
✅ The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering
✅ The British Academy, for humanities
✅ Tech Nation, for digital technology
✅ Arts Council England, for arts and culture
✅ UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants
If your qualifying field is fashion, architecture or film and television, Arts Council England will pass on your application for review to:
✅ British Fashion Council, for fashion
✅ Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), for architecture
✅ Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT), for film and television

How to apply for Global Talent visa:

You can apply as either a leader or as an emerging talent, depending on your contributions, records and achievements in the relevant field. 
You should normally receive your endorsement decision within 8 weeks, and then you can apply for visa (the second stage of your application).
Although you can combine both stages and apply simultaneously, we normally do not recommend doing so since you won’t be able to get a refund for Home Office visa fees in case your endorsement application is unsuccessful. 

Required Documents to Apply for the Global Talent Programme in the UK 🔥🔥🔥

The documents you have to submit when applying for a Global Talent Visa will depend on your field of qualification. This includes:
✅ For researchers or academic leaders: A letter from the head of HR of the organisation where you will work. The letter must:
  • Include your name, position, and department
  • State that got the position after applying via an open competition, which was advertised.
  • State that you were interviewed by 4 senior academics from the organisation where you will work.
  • State that you handed in at least three references.
✅ For work on a research grant: A written confirmation from the funder, stating that the fund was at least £30,000 and it will last at least 2 years.
✅ For peer-reviewed endorsements: A letter from someone of eminence in your field with “internationally recognised expertise”. The letter must state:
  • How that person knows you
  • That they believe you have exceptional talent or promise
  • That you would contribute to the UK and benefit from being in the UK
✅ For leaders in arts and culture:
  • Your CV
  • Three recommendation letters, which states how the writer knows you, lists your achievements and details why you would benefit from this program as well as what you can bring to the UK.
  • Up to ten pieces of evidence which attest to your achievements, such as international media recognition, international awards, international appearances, or exhibitions.
✅ For leaders in digital technology: 
  • Three letters of recommendation from organisations which is established in digital technology. Each of the letters must state how the person knows you, including proof of their position, showcase your achievements in digital technology, as well as state how the writer believes you are a leader or potential leader.
  • Evidence of any digital technology business which you have set up or in which you have been a senior member in the last 5 years.
  • Up to ten pieces of evidence which support your qualifications and eligibility.

How to Apply for a Global Talent Visa for the UK?

The application process for a Global Visa for the UK is divided into two parts:
  1. Applying for endorsement from an organization that is recognized as an expert in your chosen field.
  2. Applying for the Global Talent Visa.

Applying for Endorsement 🥳

You have to get an endorsement to attest to the fact that you actually are a leader or potential leader in your field. To submit your application, you must visit the Visas and Immigration website of the UK Home Office and register using your email address.
You must submit the required documents (see below) and pay the endorsement fee. If you do not have all the documents, you can close the application and restart where you left off later.