Digital Nomad Visa


Digital Nomad Visa 

It’s a new visa that allows to live in Portugal for 2 years (renewable for 3 more) for foreign citizens (outside EU) that want to work remotely from Portugal for their overseas employer or that are self-employed. *

*Not to be confused with the equally foreseen temporary stay visa that allows you to request a visa to enter and stay in Portugal for up to 1 year working remotely for a foreign employer or independently.


  • Sufficient, stable, foreign-sourced income
  • Your foreign employer allows you to work remotely from Portugal
  • Sufficient personal savings to deposit onto a Portuguese bank account
  • IMPORTANT: min monthly income for 1 person: min salary in Portugal (€760 x 4) = €3,040
  • While the min required recurring monthly income, as of January 2023, is €760х4х12 (€36,5К per year), the higher the income you are able to show, the better.

II – How to apply?
Application form should be applied through a Portuguese consular in the country of the applicant nationality or residency – see further information at Global VFS Portal.

Must have:

  1. Proof of monthly income: bank statements & work contacts from the minimum last 3 months.
  2. Proof of taxes paid on income received
  3. Clean criminal record from countries of citizenship and of residence of the last 5 years ****
  4. Bank account and a deposit of at least €**9120 (**If your family members join you as dependents, min required deposit increases by 30-50% per additional person)
  5. Rental agreement: 1-year min


  1. Prepare the documents required
  2. Set an Appointment With the Nearest Portuguese Diplomatic Mission.* We can start the DN visa application process through the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country. Portuguese diplomatic missions have jurisdiction over issuing DN visas. We contact the embassy and scheduled an appointment for the submission of the visa application.
  3. Submit the Required Documents for the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa. Depending on the diplomatic mission, you can submit the documents in person or by mail.
  4. Wait For an Answer. Acquiring a DN visa can take around 1,5-3 months to process. Failure to submit the correct information or insufficient documentation will extend the waiting time.
  5. Enter Portugal and Register Your Residence. You can enter Portugal as a remote worker if your visa application is accepted. After arriving in Portugal with a DN visa, you need to schedule a visit to the SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras or Foreigners and Borders Service) to register as a resident.
  6. NIF + Bank Account + Rental Contract available
  7. Attend the interview for the residence permit. Once you register, you will be entering an interview for the DN residence permit. The waiting period for acquiring the residence permit is around two-for weeks.

Documents required:

✅ Visa application form
✅ Passport
✅ 2 Photos
✅ Zero criminal records * with apostil
✅ The tax number of your country of residence
✅ Documents proving you are working on the companies out of Portugal: service contacts, working contracts, offers, bank statements, etc
✅ Proof of average monthly income of at least €3040
✅ Insurance with min coverage of €30k
✅ Proof of current bank balance
  1. 1st adult: 100% - €760*12 month
  2. Other adults 50% - €352,50*12 month
  3. Children (son, daughter, etc) 30% - €211,5*12 month
Amount per family of two adults and one child €16 218
✅ Rental Contract min for 1 year
✅ Ticket booking
✅ Motivation letter
✅ * Diploma with the apostle
✅ * Marriage certificate with the apostle
✅ * Birth certificate with the apostle

Additional Expenses:
  1. Translation of document - 450 EUR
  2. Notary - 350 EUR
  3. Rental contact - ~1,500 EUR per month
  4. Accounting (if needed) - 190 EUR per month
  5. Insurance - 150 EUR per year
  6. Individual taxes