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Permanent Residency

The Paraguay Permanent Residency Permit Solution is the most affordable, straightforward and low-tax jurisdiction in 2022. Moreover, the official immigration process to obtain the Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit may take less than three months. Also, Paraguayan Permanent residents’ foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt, and the resident status can be maintained without the constant personal presence in Paraguay. However, the permanent resident must visit Paraguay once in every three years to maintain the status.


  1. Application for the Permanent Residence Permit 
  2. Application for the ID Card 
  • Application fees, tax, affidavit, notary fees, medical check, Interpol/National/Municipal Police and other administration fees: app. 800 EUR (depends on the daily exchange rates)
  • Deposit as proving solvency:  Gs. 30.817.850 (app. 4.000 EUR, depending on the current exchange rate of Guaraní). The amount is deposited on the Migrations bank account in the National Bank account and can be transferred, withdrawn, etc. after the immigration process)
  • Retired people with proof of the pension amount can apply without a deposit!
  • Professionals with a university degree can naturalise their degrees instead of the deposit!

Who can apply for the Paraguay Permanent Resident status?

Applicants with a clean criminal record can apply without any country restrictions. Paraguay is a welcoming country that needs skilled immigrants and investors to develop faster and boost the economy. 

How do you become a permanent resident of Paraguay?

The Covid-19 virus did not change the normal process of obtaining permanent resident status in Paraguay in 2021. In 2020, the government was allowed to submit some documents without the applicant’s presence. However, from 2021, we need you two times during your immigration process in Paraguay. From April 2022 even not vaccinated applicants can enter Paraguay. 

Necessary documents for the Paraguay Permanent Residency Permit: 

  1. Passport
  2. Clean Police Record
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Certificate of marriage or divorce
  5. Medical certificate (must be issued in Paraguay)
  6. Certificate of life and residence permit (from Paraguay)
  7. Affidavit (must be issued in Paraguay)
  8. Document issued by the National Police, Identifications Department of Paraguay

The documents (except those issued in Paraguay) must be translated officially to Spanish, copied, notarised and apostilled. If the applicant’s country can not give Apostilled documents, Paraguay’s nearest embassy or consulate can validate the documents. 

Time frames of the Paraguay Permanent Residency Permit process 🚀

The process of obtaining the Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit takes a maximum of 90 days from applying, but generally, the Ministry issues the residence permits within 70 days. The resident must apply for the ID card within six months after issuing the permanent residence permit.

👉 The applicant must travel two times to Paraguay during the process. The application submission for the permanent resident status takes only three to five working days (opening the bank account for the deposit, medical exam, etc.). After the resident obtains the permit, they have six months to apply for the Paraguayan ID card. This application process takes a maximum of two days. 

Advantages of the Paraguay Permanent Residence Permit:

  • The right to live and work in Paraguay
  • The resident can maintain the permanent resident status of Paraguay without living or physical presence in Paraguay (but must visit once every three years).
  • Foreign sourced income is tax-exempt because of the territorial and low tax system (see below)
  • Paraguay is a stable country in South America and a member of the MERCOSUR with one of the highest GDP increases in the world.
  • Living in Paraguay is cheap.
  • Spanish is the primary language in Paraguay.

Practical steps during the process of obtaining the Paraguay Permanent Residency Permit:

1. The applicant must collect and validate the necessary documents and send the scanned copies or the original documents to our leading immigration attorney to check the details.
2. The applicant travels to Paraguay:
  • Medical exam
  • Interpol and other due diligence processes by the police
  • Opens bank account for the deposit
  • Affidavit
  • Submission of the application to the Immigration Directorate
3. The Immigration Directorate issues the Paraguayan permanent residence permit card in 90 days. The card is valid for ten years.
  • Our immigration attorney can pick up the residence permit with a Power of Attorney and send it to the resident by courier.
  • The deposit (app 4200 EUR or 4,600 USD) can be transferred or withdrawn from the National Bank.
4. The permanent resident must travel to Paraguay to apply for an ID card.

Taxes in Paraguay for permanent residents

Foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt in Paraguay. Residents start to pay income tax on an income minimum of 22,500 USD sourced in Paraguay. Look at all the necessary information about Paraguay’s personal and corporate income taxes here!

Maintenance of the permanent resident status in Paraguay.

The resident does not have to live in Paraguay as a permanent resident. However, the permanent residents must visit Paraguay at least once every three years.

Citizenship of Paraguay 🔥

There are several misleading information about the process of obtaining citizenship in Paraguay. The truth is that permanent residents must live three years in Paraguay to apply. The resident must spend more than 183 days in Paraguay for three years each until issuing the Paraguayan passport. Only family members of Paraguayan citizens can obtain citizenship faster than three years 🥳