Company Registration and Work Permit

Name of the company (send us 3 possible options) - 1 week
Set up the Company - 2 months

Requirements to setup Holding (BV) company:

✅ Office with address (virtual office is accepted). This address will be registered at Dutch Trade Register and indicated on the Extract from the Register.
✅ Nominal secretary (local resident)
✅ Having a director/shareholder (can be any person, regardless of their citizenship or place of residence)
✅ Can be registered remotely
✅ Details of all its managing directors, Supervisory Directors and any existing proxy holders
✅ Expected acquisition and annual gross profit of the company

Documents required to register a company:

✅ Registration official of a legal entity (form)
✅ Photocopies of shareholders’ passports
✅ Certified copy of the Memorandum of Association
✅ Certified copy of the Articles of Association
✅ Certificate of incumbency, which clearly shows the appointed Board of Directors

💶 Taxation: 👇

  • Full tax exemption for income coming from foreign subsidiaries. The so-called participation exemption allows tax waiver for eligible capital gains and dividends if Dutch holding owns at least five percent of subsidiary.
  • Special tax regime for innovation where profits from qualifying intangible assets are taxed at a rate of 7 percent.
  • Dutch investment treaty network is among the most extensive in the world. The network protects investors from expropriation and guarantees that they will be treated in the same way as domestic or third country investors.
  • Reductions of the withholding tax on dividends, royalties and interests paid to Dutch companies and excludes from taxation the majority of capital gains obtained from share sales in source jurisdictions.
  • Tax exemption for income, coming from international permanent offices of Dutch companies and tax-effective profit repatriation.
  • Option to establish a consolidated group/fiscal unity allowing consolidated taxation.
  • Possibility to defer taxes on gains from sale of business assets.
  • Reduction of withholding tax on transactions between related firms.

🏦 Corporate Bank Account - 3 weeks  

🏛️ Estimate Netherlands Government registration and notary fees - 1,800 Euro

✍🏻 Netherlands tax and VAT registration fees - 750 Euro

🔑 Estimate of annual accounting auditing and tax fees - 0 Euro

Working Visa 🔥

🤝 Residency - Working Visa - 1-2 months 


✅ Your passport/identity document must be valid for the duration of your stay
✅ You must have sufficient financial means. This could be payslips/salary statements, documents showing you own shares in a company, or a letter from a benefits agency.
✅ Health Insurance. It has to cover you for the entirety of the time you will be living in the Netherlands.
✅ You must not pose “a risk to public order, national peace or national security.”
✅ You must show proof of purpose of stay. For example, an employment contract in the Netherlands, a document from a Dutch educational institution, or a marriage or civil partnership certificate.
✅ You may have to enter a tuberculosis test. This should be done within three months of entering the Netherlands. If you have the disease, you must receive treatment for it. If you do not enter the test within three months, your residence permit could be taken away.
✅ Exempt from a tuberculosis test are: EU/EEA nationals; individuals with a valid resident permit from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland; individuals with an EC residence permit for long-term residents from another EU country and their family members.


✅ The documents have to be in Dutch, English, French or German. If they are not, they have to be translated by an official Dutch translator and submitted along with the originals. Any foreign documents have to be legalised or authenticated by a government authority in your country.
✅ All your documents: birth and marriage certificates, bank statements, diploma, employment contracts etc., have to be legalized with an apostille stamp.
✅ Before that, they also have to be signed by an official from the issuing party and/or certified by a lawyer or notary public.

🏦 Personal Bank account - 2 weeks 


✅ Legal Status - Residency - Work Permit
✅ Accommodation + Bills


✅ Residency & Passport
✅ Rent agreement + Bills

🏦 Additional Expenses:

  1. Approximate accommodation budget 1,200 - 1,500 Euro per month payable directly to a landlord + utility bills.
  2. Approximate cost of doing business in Netherland:
✅ Annual government fee - 450 Euro
✅ Office space per month - > 1000 Euro
✅ Annual audit & tax filing - 2,500 Euro