Company Registration and Work Permit


Set up the Company - 1 months  

Limited Liability Company – SRL (Società a Responsabilità Limitata).

Requirements to setup a company:

✅ The selected company name
✅ The city and address of the head office
✅ A detailed description of the business with the expected turnover and information about the planned transactions
✅ The selected type of management (by one manager/board of directors)
✅ The selected amount of capital (must be deposited to the bank account or paid in cash in the presence of notary, if the amount is up to 3 000 EUR)

Documents required to register a company:

✅ Name in the Register
✅ Documents of each owner (a certified copy of the foreign passport and confirmation of a residential address)
✅ Documents of manager or council member, including the Italian tax numbe
When setting up a company in Italy a legal address (presence of a registered office) is required, as well as:*
✅ The director (s) and the owner (s) must receive a tax number in Italy
✅ You need to sign a special power of attorney under the apostille in the country of the founder/director of the company (it is necessary to resolve current issues without the physical presence of the founder/director)
✅ Notarial legalization of the Constitutive Act
✅ Drawing up the Articles of Association: requires the most complete list of economic services that can be provided by the company in the future (since further amendments to the Articles of Association are possible only through the approval of a notary)
✅ Signing of the Constitutive Act by power of attorney

📝 Further, if it is necessary to place the share capital, you will need to open a corporate account in an Italian bank: the director of the company should make a personal visit to Italy.

✅ Obtaining a legal address for the company is possible upon signing the contract for the comprehensive servicing of the company (the service includes legal advice and support of competent lawyers in matters of payroll records, statements, tax returns, VAT refunds, residence permits for owners and directors, etc.).
✅ The cost of connecting to comprehensive services is determined on the basis of the type of activity, annual turnover and the number of invoices.

🏦 Corporate Bank Account - 4 weeks

Residency Working Visa: 

Residency - Working Visa (D) ⇒ Residency upon arrival - 1 month

Working visa in Italy is under quota on annual basis.

Requirements & Documents:

✅ Copy of your signed work contract
✅ Completed Application Form
✅ Passport with at least two blank pages, valid for at least three months after the duration of your visa.
✅ Passport pictures
✅ Accommodation in Italy (rent contract)
✅ Bank statement about sufficient financial means
✅ Diplomas and certificates
✅ Proof of paid visa fee

🏦 Personal Bank account - 2 weeks 


✅ Legal Status in Poland - Residency
✅ Accommodation


✅ Residency & Passport
✅ Rent agreement + Bills