Limited stay permit KITAS

If you are planning to live in Bali for a longer term, you’re going to need a limited stay permit called KITAS. There are different types of KITAS available, and you can choose the most suitable one depending on your plans in Bali. 

Working in Bali as a foreigner

If you want to work in Bali, you must first obtain a working KITAS. The main prerequisite for getting a working KITAS is to have a sponsoring entity in Indonesia, either a:

Note that if an Indonesian limited liability company wants to sponsor KITAS to foreigners, they must fulfill specific capital requirements.

The minimum validity of a KITAS is six months, a maximum of 12 months. There are no limitations to the number of KITAS a limited liability company can sponsor.

If you are a shareholder of a foreign-owned company and fulfill the criteria, you can apply for an investor KITAS. The requirements for shareholding are different, depending on whether you are just a shareholder or also a director or commissioner in the company.

The main benefit of an investor KITAS is that an investor KITAS can be granted for two years and you are not required to pay the Ministry of Manpower the government a fee of USD 1,200, which is mandatory for working KITAS.

You need to confirm your position at the sponsoring company as the limited stay permit is issued based on the approval of your work permit, which requires the details of your job title and location.

The length of your KITAS depends on your job title. For example, directors and commissioners are guaranteed to get an extendable 1-year KITAS. Advisors and managers can also get a 12-month KITAS; however, it is subject to the immigration officials’ decision, and often, they are granted a non-extendable 6-month KITAS. 

Sponsoring entity should propose a job title by the regulations issued by the Ministry of Manpower and this depends on the business classification of the entity. As a general rule, the positions that a foreigner can apply for are limited to director, commissioner, manager, or advisory roles.