Blue Card

The German EU Blue Card (Blaue Karte) is a German residence permit for work, issued to non-EU nationals who have a university education and will work in skilled positions in Germany. To be eligible for a Blue Card, your salary must be higher than the national average.

Who Can Apply For an EU Blue Card for Germany?

You can apply for a German Blue Card if you meet the following criteria:

✅ You have academic and professional qualifications. You must have a higher education degree, either German or from a university that is recognized in Germany. Certain professions, like health, law, teaching, and engineering, are regulated, so in addition to presenting your degree, you must also have it recognized. The recognition authorities differ based on your profession; you can see them on the “Recognition in Germany” portal.

✅ You have a job offer appropriate for your qualifications. You must have a concrete job offer from a German employer. When you apply for the Blue Card, you have to submit a work contract, which states the position and the salary you are being offered.

Remember, you must work for an employer; you cannot receive a German Blue Card as self-employed

✅ Your salary is at least 1.5 times the national average. The salary you will receive must be at least one-and-a-half times the national salary average in Germany. In 2022, the applicant has to earn a minimum gross salary (before tax) of €56,400 – down from €56,800 in 2021. If you apply for a job in a field in shortage (science, medicine, engineering, IT, architecture, etc), you may receive a Blue Card if your salary is at least €44,304/year. To get an EU Blue Card with a lower salary, you need approval from the Federal Employment Agency. If you are not sure your job position qualifies you for an EU Blue Card, you can reach out to professionals.

Eligible Professions for German EU Blue Card:

✌️ Some of the professions that are most in-demand in Germany are:

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Engineers
  • Information and communication technologies specialists
  • Mathematicians
  • Health professionals
  • Scientists
  • Scientific engineers
  • Urban and traffic planning specialists

The employment fields which make you eligible for a German Blue Card are those which require a university degree. If you are highly qualified in your field, then you are eligible for a German Blue Card.

Where Can You Look for Work in Germany?

You can look for work in Germany through job portals online. The German Ministry of Education and Research lists the following websites as great points of reference for job hunters in qualified professions:

  • EURES –