Visa Visiteur

French residence permit for financially independent persons, including pensioners

This visa (residence permit) allows the holder to stay in France permanently with the ability to extend the residence permit while in France without the right to work in France, neither under an employment contract or as an entrepreneur.

This type of residence permit is a great choice for financially secure pensioners wanting to spend time in France.


  • simple, easy to prepare documentation
  • no police background check required
  • fast application processing
  • allows permanent residence in France
  • no obligations for a minimum period of residence in France or for filing French tax returns
  • extension and receipt of 'carte de séjour' possible while in France
  • option to change status and obtain residence card or citizenship after living in France for 5 years
  • possibility to obtain social insurance number and use French state medical services
  • no French or English language requirements
  • freedom of movement within the Schengen zone, as well as several European Union countries that are not in the Schengen Agreement.


  • does not permit employment or entrepreneurial activities in France
  • maximum visa or residence permit term – 12 months, annual renewal required
  • renewal requires personal attendance at the prefecture in France.

  • a permanent place of residence in France
  • sufficient financial resources to cover expenses in France
  • medical insurance for the term of the visa (residence permit)
  • children under 18 must attend school in France.

Sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses in France:
  • regular source of income (such as, income from property rental or business interests)
  • or sufficient savings
  • or a regular source of income and savings.

The Code of Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Right of Asylum (code de l'entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d'asile - CESEDA) establishes that for the purposes of applying for this type of visa, financial resources must not be lower than the current French minimum wage (€1,766.92 per month net as at 1 January 2024).

However, it should be noted that even if you prove you have sufficient financial resources, the French consulate or prefecture in France has no obligation to issue the corresponding visa or residence permit – they have the right to issue a visa or permit, or to refuse issuance. The final decision will depend on the general impression made by your dossier and your reasons for moving to France.

Medical insurance for persons permanently resident in France
  • The insurance should meet the minimum requirements established by the code of social insurance in France. Many insurance companies offer tourist insurance providing coverage for 90 days out of a 180-day period. Consulates do not typically accept this kind of insurance when applying for a "visiteur" visa – insurance coverage for the entire period you will be in France, based on the duration of the requested visa, is required.
  • The appropriate insurance can be obtained using an insurance broker by clicking the button below.

Proof of permanent address in France:
  • owned
  • long-term lease (contract for over 12 months complying with French Law 89-462 dated 6 July 1989 or the French Civil Code)
  • residence free of charge with acquaintances, relatives, or friends on an 'attestation d'hébergement' basis.
  • We can assist you with acquiring a home, either to rent or to own, and with correctly completing the necessary documents to show you have a place to live in accordance with the requirements of the French consulate or prefecture.

If you need assistance we offer for you to book a 60-minutes verbal consultation in which we'll examine your situation, answer your questions and come up with an action plan.