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Work Permit


Foreign nationals are not allowed to work in Chile if they do not have the proper authorization to work.

Depending on the duration of your work, the type of Chile work visa you have to apply for changes. If you intend to live and work in Chile for a maximum duration of one year, you need a Chile Temporary Residence Visa. There is also the Chile Working Holiday Visa, also valid for up to a year, but only to certain foreign nationals.

However, if you want to work for a period longer than one year, then you need a Chile work visa, also referred to as a Chile Visa Subject to a Contract (Visa Sujeta a Contrato).
This article will detail the requirements, application process and other questions related to a Chile work visa (Visa Subject to a Contract).

Who Needs a to Apply for a Chile Work Visa?

Every foreign national who intends to work in Chile needs a Chile work visa, regardless of their nationality.
Certain foreign nationals do not need a Chile visa if they intend to travel for tourism or other short-term purposes (up to 90 days). However, for work-related purposes or any purpose which exceeds 90 days, everyone needs to apply for a visa prior to arriving in Chile.
If you are a foreign national who has found a job in a Chilean company and you have a work contract that’s longer than one year, you may apply for a Chile work visa.
However, the company hiring you must:
  • Be incorporated in Chile.
  • Prove that your employment will help in the development of Chile.
  • Show proof they have paid the relevant VAT for the past three months
  • Show proof they have paid employee insurance for the past three months

What Are the Requirements of a Chile Work Visa?

The required documents for a Chile work visa are:
  • A letter from the Chilean company that hired you, which:
  • Explains why they’re hiring you and why you are a good fit for the job
  • Includes the full contact details of the company’s contact person
  • A copy of your work contract, which is:
  • In Spanish
  • In compliance with Chile’s rules and regulations about hiring foreign workers
  • Signed by the hiring company
  • The signature must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.
  • Notarized and legalized.
  • Copies of your educational degrees/diplomas or other relevant certificates for the job.
  • They must be apostilled.
  • Photocopies of your passport’s relevant pages (personal information, expiry/issue date, previous visas). Your passport must be valid for at least another six months.
  • A picture of yourself which follows the following specifications:
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 cm (2 inches x 2 inches)
  • Colored
  • Professionally taken in a studio
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • You must be wearing everyday clothes
  • You cannot wear glasses or any hats/headgear which cover your hair/hairline or face.
  • You must face the camera and have a neutral facial expression
  • Must be in JPEG format
  • Certificate of police clearance from your country
  • Health certificate, issued by a certified medical practitioner, which states you do not carry a contagious disease.
  • Application form and personal information form, typed and in English. You can download the forms on the Chile Abroad – Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • Proof of booked flight ticket.

Keep in mind:
This is not an exhaustive list of required documents. The Chilean authorities can ask you to submit any additional documents as they see fit during any stage of your application processing.

  • All the documents you attach have to be in PDF format. The picture must be in JPEG format.
  • You have to name the documents accordingly (eg. YourLastName_HealthCertificate or YourLastName_WorkContract).
  • You must bring the originals of all the documents when you go to the Chilean embassy/consulate to submit your passport.

How to Apply for a Chile Work Visa?

The process of applying for a Chile work visa is divided into two parts: online application and obtaining the visa at the Chilean embassy/consulate.

Chile work visa online application

After securing a job offer and work contract, the first step to getting your Chile work visa is to apply online. You must submit the online application through this website.
  1. When you access the website, select the language at the top-right corner and then click on the “Visa Application” button to begin.
  2. You will be redirected to a registration page, where you must give your age, nationality, and passport number.
  3. Once you complete the first section, you will receive a “Verification/Validation Code”. Save this number because you may need it to log back in later to complete your application. You can resume your application by clicking on the “Complete Visa Application” button and giving your passport number and verification/validation code.
  4. After you complete each section, click “Save and Continue” to move on to the next.
  • Click “Back” to back to a previous section and review your answers.
  • Click “Save and Exit” to leave the application and complete it later.
  1. Select the type of visa you are applying for (Residence Subject to Contract Visa)
  2. In the final section, you have to attach electronic files of all your required documents (see “Requirements” below).
Once your Chile work visa has been processed, you will be contacted by the Chilean embassy/consulate in charge of handling your application to set up an appointment where you can obtain the visa.

Obtaining the Chile work visa

Even though you apply for the Chile work visa online, you must go to a Chilean embassy or consulate to get it stamped on your passport. You also have to submit the originals of all the required documents you uploaded online.
You will be informed about which Chilean embassy/consulate you can submit your passport and documents to after you state your country of residence on the online application. If there are multiple options, select the one covering your jurisdiction. Sometimes, you may have to travel to another country.
However, make sure to visit the website of the Chilean embassy/consulate to find out whether they accept couriered submissions.
At your appointment, you also have to pay the Chile work visa fee.

Chile Work Visa Fee

You only have to pay a Chile work visa fee after your application is approved. If your application is denied, you do not have to pay a fee.
You must pay the fee on the date of your Chilean embassy/consulate appointment or prior to it. When they contact you to set your appointment, they will give you the payment details.
There is no standard set of Chile visa fee. The fees depend on the country and can go from $50 to $150. You will learn the visa fee amount during your online application.

Chile Work Visa Processing Time

A Chile work visa is processed within 15-20 days. After your visa is processed and approved, you should also take into account the date of your appointment, which may be several days later.
Therefore, make sure you apply at least 30 days before you intend to travel to Chile, but no more than 60. Chilean embassies/consulates may not accept your application at all if it is submitted less than 30 days in advance.

Where to Register After Getting a Chile Work Visa?

After you arrive in Chile with a work visa, you have to go to the Policía de Investigaciones (PDI) to register your visa. All foreign nationals who come to live in Chile have to register with the PDI.

After that, you also have to visit the civil register (Registro Civil) to receive your Chilean ID card.

You must do all this within 30 days of arrival. The Chilean embassy/consulate will inform you further on the matter, so make sure to ask them.

What is the Duration of a Chile Work Visa?

A Chile work visa is issued for a maximum duration of two years, and it can be renewed for another two years. You must renew your Chile work visa within 90 days before it expires at the Departamento de Extranjería y Migración.

If you have lived in Chile with a work visa for at least five years, you may be eligible for permanent residency.

Can You Bring Dependents With a Chile Work Visa?

Yes, a Chile work visa allows you to bring your dependents (spouse and children under 18) to Chile with you. Your dependents have to apply for their own visas, following the same procedure as you. However, on the online application tool, they must select Dependent Residence Subject to Contract Visa. Additionally, your spouse must attach a copy of your marriage certificate and your children must attach copies of their birth certificates.

You must be able to prove that you can provide for them during your stay.

Your dependents are not allowed to work in Chile unless they get their own work permit