South America

Startup Visa


Chile’s start up visa, introduced in 2010, is a new type of visa fostering entrepreneurial talent to create startups in the country. The visa aims to bolster Chile’s position as the centre of entrepreneurial innovation in Latin America.

The program offers a US$40,000 grant per approved application, a 1 year resident visa to all members associated with the project as specified in the application and workspace to carry out day to day professional tasks. It its pilot stage in 2010, the scheme brought 22 startups from 14 countries into Chile.

How to apply for a startup visa

  • You will need a valid passport, a Chilean National ID (cédula) or a Chilean ID for foreigners. 
  • A recommendation letter from an investor, mentor or academic to advocate the experience and talent of the team or individual.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • A video pitch on YouTube or Vimeo in three minutes or less stating why you are the perfect candidate to lead your project, how you will socially impact Chile and what problem you will be solving.

Selection criteria

There are two evaluation rounds associated with the application process. Entrepreneurs, investors and academics are on the panel of judges who assess your application. Criteria such as business connections, previous experience and the market size of your chosen project are weighted to your application. 

To enter to visa program Spanish is not a requirement, however learning the basics is highly recommended. All program communication will be conducted in English.

If accepted onto the program you need to ensure you bring all documentation required by your local consulate. Your close family members (spouses and/or children) will also be eligible to get visas.

For more general information about this visa scheme, take a look at the official Start Up Chile website, available in English and Spanish.