Residence Permit

Foreigners can obtain Azerbaijan residence permit (TRP) either by investment in property/ bank deposit or start a business in Azerbaijan. Nowadays, these are two main options for people interested in Azerbaijan Immigration. 

Starting a business in Azerbaijan includes the establishment of the company, and together with a running company prepare proper documentation for Azerbaijan TRP - temporary residency permit. Interested foreigners shall keep in mind that, just simple company registration may not lead to the obtaining of Azerbaijan residence permit as proper legal and practical advice always is must for the success of getting immigration to Azerbaijan.  

Residence permit in Azerbaijan can also be obtained by the way of investment in property or bank deposit which leads to immigration to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan grants residency to a foreigner who invests at least AZN 100,000 ( USD 60,000 ) on Real Estate or deposit accounts in Azerbaijan Banks or AZN 500,000 (USD 295,000) in Azerbaijan economy, in accordance with the Azerbaijan Migration Code. Here again, to be qualified to get Azerbaijan TRP, the applicant should provide additional documents necessary for such purposes. Investment may be made in monetary funds, interest, shares and other securities, movable and immovable property such as land, buildings and structures, equipment and other material values, rights of using land or other natural resources (including concessions), patents, licenses, know-how, experience and other intellectual values and other property or intellectual values or rights recognized by law. Foreigners interested in buying a property and investing in a bank shall also consider the professional advice in regard to documentation of property acquisition, as well as bank agreement for deposit to get residence permit in Azerbaijan. 

👉 Per Azerbaijan legislation spouse, children under 18 years old and incapable dependents may apply for an Azerbaijan residency permit together with the main applicant if proper documentation provided. Applicants shall t

👉 After 2 years of getting Azerbaijan TRP, it can be obtained permanent residence will be granted for 5 years, yet after the total 7 years, citizenship can be obtained provided that the applicant knows the local language, Azerbaijan history fundamentals, and the general principles of law.

🔥 Foreigners interested in immigration to Azerbaijan shall consider that Azerbaijan does not recognize dual citizenship.