Company Registration

Registering a company (Limited liability Company) in Azerbaijan is simplified and requires minimal documentation, such as application form, company incorporation documents (Articles of Association, Incorporation decision of shareholders). The Registration Authority is the Ministry of Taxes. If a foreign person has local migration registration in Azerbaijan, it is possible to register a company in Azerbaijan online within a couple of minutes.  


  • Application Form – Form provided by the Ministry of Taxes (registration authority of legal entities). These document needs to be notarized. Such a form could be applied by the person duly authorized to do so. 
  • Incorporation documents – Charter of a company, Resolution of Shareholders on the establishment of LLC and appointment of legal representative.
  • Information about the shareholders, founders – IDs, passports of founders. Where the owners (shareholders) are foreign legal entities, Articles of Association, Memorandum, and Certificate from trade registry are required. 
  • Notarial consent of the legal representative where the shareholder does not hold the position of the legal representative (director) of the company.
  • Receipt evidencing payment of state registration fee and charter capital – official registration fee for new LLC is 11 manats (AZN) and must be paid in advance before incorporation. State duty for registration of representative offices and branches of foreign legal entity is 220 manats (AZN). However, the charter capital must be paid within 3 months of company registration, provided that this has been prescribed by the charter. 

All of these documents must be submitted to the Legal Entity Registration Department at the Ministry of Taxes. 

Upon formal registration, the following practical steps must be taken before the actual commencement of business operations:
✅ 1Step: Obtaining of ASAN Imza (Mobile Signature) for the legal representative (Director); 
✅ 2 Step: Obtaining of corporate seal for the company; 
✅ 3 Step: Opening of bank account upon submitting a copy of tax certificate to the selected bank via the e-taxes system; 
✅ 4 Step: Registration of the legal representative's (Director's) employment agreement at the state registry of employment agreement notices.