Digital Nomad Visa

The Andorran Government has as recently as January 2023 approved a new type of residency for prospective residents, in order to encourage digital and technology innovation in the country.

This new visa is now officially available and as of now, involves the following requirements:

1. Unlike other types of residencies, this new visa does not require depositing a bond within the Government.

2. This type of residency works by self employment, and will not necessarily require setting up a local business, therefore, no CASS payments might be necessary. It is, however, necessary, to have health and life insurance policies for the person requesting the visa and all their dependents.

3. Applicants for this kind of visa must contribute to the digital economy, entrepreneurship, or innovation within the Principality of Andorra in order to qualify for a no-bond residency. Much like an Angel Investor, the Andorran Ministry of Economy will be in charge of deciding which cases are more relevant and they choose to accept, and in which terms.

4. Although the visas will be evaluated by chronological order, priority will be
given to nationals of countries that have economic agreements with Andorra, to members of the EU or EU Space, and lastly to other countries, in this specific order.

5. Users of this visa will required to prove that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves during the entirety of the visa duration.

6. Once the residency application is accepted residency cards will be issued, usually within 3 to 6 weeks.

7. This form of residency requires at least 90 days each year.