Digital Nomad Visa


  • Right to reside in Cyprus for a period of 1 year (right to renewal for a further 2 year period).
  • Family members (including spouses / partners in a civil union, and minors) can also be granted a right to reside for the same period (upon application), but will however not be permitted employment or the performance of economic activity in Cyprus.
  • If a Digital Nomad remains in Cyprus for one or more periods that total more than 183 days within the same tax year, and provided that they are not a tax resident in any other country, they will be considered a tax resident of Cyprus.


✅ Monthly income outside of Cyprus - 3,500 Euro / month (net) for the last 6 months
✅ Rent contact at least for 1 year
✅ Respective duties / work can be performed independent of location through telecommunications technology
✅ Employing company is registered abroad, or they are providing services remotely for clients from abroad

Within three (3) months from arriving to Cyprus (arrival with a tourist Visa), the applicant must submit the required application along with the necessary documentation to the Civil Registry and Migration Departments. The time of examination of the applications is estimated to be anywhere between 5 – 7 weeks


✅ Medical insurance
✅ Passport
✅ Bank statement & Working Contract
✅ Rental agreement
✅ Clean criminal record from the county of current residence*
✅ Marriage Certificate duly certified and translated *(If applicable)
✅ Children Birth Certificates duly certified and translated *(If applicable)

The documents with (*) require to be translated in English and bear the «APOSTILLE» stamp. OR be certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the country that will issue them and by the Cyprus Embassy of that Country.